The Task

Allwyn UK is part of Allwyn Group, a multi-national lottery operator with leading market positions across Europe. It believes that lotteries should set the benchmark for best practices, creating games that both entertain and protect while driving considerable Social Value.

A key aspect of Allwyn UK’s successful bid to become the UK’s National Lottery operator from February 2024 was its pledge to work towards delivering what it claims will be a ‘world first’: a net zero emissions National Lottery with an increased focus on Social Value.

With this ambitious goal in mind, Allwyn UK has engaged Action Sustainability to incorporate Social Value themes as part of its RFx process. This initiative aims to equip the procurement team to effectively communicate these themes to suppliers and review the procurement policy from a Social Value perspective.

The themes encompass efforts toward protecting the planet, empowering people through increased diversity and accessibility, and fostering ‘prosperous places’ by embracing a community-first mindset and innovation.

The Action

Action Sustainability initiated the process by comprehensively understanding and evaluating Allwyn UK’s existing procurement landscape, with the aim of seamlessly integrating Social Value themes into the procurement of goods and services. Collaborating closely with the Allwyn UK team, we gained a thorough understanding of the company’s categories and procurement needs. Additionally, we reviewed relevant procurement policies and specifications, Social Value strategies, and objectives, including ESG considerations, to grasp the technical requirements.

Armed with this understanding, we crafted a Social Value questionnaire for the RFx process for the Allwyn UK team. This was carefully aligned with the business’s Social Value framework, objectives and commitments, providing the foundation for guiding suppliers on a journey toward Social Value and surpassing mere compliance.

Progressing further, Action Sustainability team assisted in mapping sustainability risks and opportunities for selected categories, designing specific questionnaires tailored to align with Allwyn UK’s Social Value framework.

Building upon this foundation, we developed a sustainable procurement policy that conveys a consistent message, aligning with Social Value policies, objectives and the bespoke questionnaires. Additionally, a sustainable procurement workshop was conducted to raise awareness about ISO 20400, and demonstrate how Social Value and net zero considerations can be seamlessly integrated into the procurement process.

Throughout our collaborative discussions and brainstorming sessions, we ensured the incorporation of Allwyn UK’s existing requirements while weaving in a forward-looking perspective for the future of procurement.

The Outcome, Benefits and Lessons Learnt

The tasks undertaken represent a significant stride for Allwyn UK in advancing its Social Value commitments, with a dedicated effort to guide suppliers on a journey beyond mere compliance. The questionnaires serve as a robust foundation for the business to articulate its objectives and targets to the supply chain, offering a clearer perspective on the Social Value elements that can be promptly implemented by suppliers.

This process also aids in identifying opportunities for improvement, aligning with Allwyn UK’s goals for achieving net zero emissions and fostering positive impacts.