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The task Green Star, ISCA and sustainability strategy for a major Sydney Metro Station

Action Sustainability was responsible for managing the sustainability strategy and sustainability response for a major Sydney Metro Station. Developed the ISCA and Green Star strategy as well as inputting sustainability requirements across the design of the project. The project targeted ISCA excellent across the infrastructure product, and a 5-star Green Star rating.

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    Action Sustainability was responsible for a number of sustainability initiatives for a major Sydney metro station.  We played a major role for developing methodologies, strategies and responses to the client’s sustainability needs.

    More specifically Action Sustainability:

    • Developed a sustainability strategy showing how the major Sydney metro station could achieve best practice during the different phases of the project.
    • Tailored an approach to reach an Excellent ISCA Infrastructure Sustainability rating.
    • Developed a custom methodology to achieve 5-star Green Star under the Design and As-Built custom rail tool.
    • Proposed greenhouse gas emission reduction initiatives during the different phases of the project.
    • Developed a methodology for reducing the use of different materials within the project.
    • Proposed an achievable water reduction target for the construction and operation phases.
    • Prepared a preliminary greenhouse gas emission model across the infrastructure lifecycle.

    The outcome

    All of the client’s sustainability requirements were met and in most cases exceeded. The bid team were happy to have chosen sustainability experts with years of experience as it not only gave them the best chances of being part of the project but also because it allowed them to experience simplified and transparent collaboration.