Measure Diversity and Inclusion using our bespoke reporting tool

Your company can take part in the UK’s largest-ever survey on employee diversity for a small one-off fee, enabling your organisation and supply chain to report anonymously free-of-charge.

In 2022, by drawing on a database of more than 340,000 responses from 270 companies, we helped companies who took part in the exercise, identify the right targets and metrics to keep their people strategy moving in a positive direction across both their organisation and supply chain.

The results were also used to set aspirational targets for recruitment, retention and progression of under-represented groups that reflect the demographic of the UK population.

Why Join The Exercise

By joining this diversity exercise, you will gain a greater understanding of your company’s benchmark vs. industry and ONS census data.

Our tool will reduce the time and resources required for data collection, aggregation and analysis, plus enable you to explore data on three levels: organisational, supply chain and industry.

During the exercise, you will have access to real-time dashboards ensuring you receive relevant and timely information to evaluate your data as soon as it’s inputted. By spotting patterns and trends faster and more accurately, you can instantly identify gaps and develop strategies to target resources to close the gaps and reduce inequalities.

Our expert team will also provide a comprehensive toolkit, enabling you to engage your organisation and supply chain further to input their data. This will help ensure a maximum sample size and therefore a greater precision of results.

How We Measure Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The survey captures information covering the protected characteristics to help you gain a greater understanding of your organisation’s benchmark vs. industry and ONS census data.

How To Join The Exercise

The Diversity Survey is available across all industries for a annual fee of £5,350.

If you’re interested in improving your organisation and supply chain’s diversity by taking part, please contact

Start affecting change for the better today!

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Charles Naud
Head of Product, Sustainability Tool

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