The fundamentals of ISO 20400 explained By Mellita D'Silva

When you read the ISO 20400 standard, one of the foundation clauses which is very important to helping you achieve your sustainability outcomes is Clause 4 – The Fundamentals.

Before you start on your sustainability journey, there are some key principles that you need to align with, and ensure that you are flowing down to your supply chain:

  • Accountability – being accountable for negative impacts on the triple bottom line – social, economic, and environmental sustainability.
  • Transparency – being transparent about your procurement decisions that may negatively affect the triple bottom line.
  • Ethical behaviour – in your organisation and especially the procurement process.
  • Full and fair opportunity – within your tendering process, emphasis on encouraging diversity within the supply chain.
  • Respect for stakeholder interests – both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Respect for the rule of law and international norms of behaviour – where legislation applies for e.g., modern slavery, waste management, carbon reduction.
  • Respect for human rights – respecting internationally recognised human rights.
  • Innovative solutions – sustainable solutions by their very nature are innovative solutions. Ensure you include for innovation to be part of the tendering process.
  • Focus on need – challenge the business need/requirement for economies of scale, sustainable alternatives.
  • Integration – of your sustainability criteria, your identified risks, and opportunities throughout the procurement process.
  • Analysis of all costs – incurred over the life cycle and whole life costing is considered.
  • Continual improvement – working towards continually improving your sustainability performance as an organisation and within your supply chains

Can your organisation demonstrate that it upholds these principles and ensures that its supply chains do the same?

Go-Ahead say that they operate with the ISO 20400:2017 standard on sustainable procurement, which includes accountability, transparency, respect for human rights and ethical behaviour. They ensure that their suppliers are upholding the same values. How are they doing it? Click here to gain some insights into this and read our case study with Go-Ahead Group.

Sustainable Procurement is not as daunting if you understand from the outset some of the secrets to success. Our Director Shaun McCarthy lays out the Ten Commandments of Sustainable Procurement to ensure you don’t stumble on your journey.

If you would like to learn more, reach out to our Lead Sustainable Procurement Consultant  Mellita D’silva.

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